Kate Chisholm

Kate Chisholm’s radio top five from 2014

Kate Chisholm's radio top five from 2014
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1. My top gong would be shared by June Spencer and Patricia Greene for their brilliant character acting on Radio 4’s The Archers, creating in Peggy and Jill two resilient women of their time yet also strong-minded, decisive, fiercely independent and in Jill’s case always game for a laugh.

2. Not far behind is Neil MacGregor for creating another superb series for Radio 4, Germany: Memories of a Nation, encouraging us to think about what the world might look like from a German point of view in 25 bite-sized insights.

3. Radio 3's most heart-stopping moment on air was Zoe Norridge visiting the technical school in Murambi where thousands of Tutsi took refuge during the bloody civil war of 1994. ‘The smell is biting,’ she told us.

4. It took just 19 minutes for James O'Brien of LBC to expose the contradictions in Nigel Farage’s political philosophy (watch video above). Vital listening for anyone thinking of going over to UKIP.

5. Oddest radio experience by far was listening to a play in Danish from this year’s Sheffield Doc/Fest. Stig’s Teeth gave us a slice through Stig’s life, the voices heard on air, the words read on screen, each pause or indrawn breath telling us so much of the in-between.