Ken Loach on anti-Semitism ‘campaign’ against Corbyn

Ken Loach on anti-Semitism 'campaign' against Corbyn
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Ken Loach is loyal to Jeremy Corbyn to the very end, even after the Labour leader led the party to its disastrous defeat overnight. The 'Kes' filmmaker said Corbyn has been the victim of a 'torrent of abuse that has been off the scale'. Loach said Corbyn was:

'A man of peace who has been called a terrorist. He's been arrested against racism, and been called racist.'

Emily Maitlis then quizzed Loach on accusations of anti-Semitism within the Labour ranks. Loach responded by saying this was 'a campaign that was going to run and run'. He then repeated claims that anti-Semitism was 'weaponised to undermine the Corbyn Labour party'. Oh dear...

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