Alex Massie

Klansmen for Barack?

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Mike Crowley has a very droll piece in this week's TNR on how white supremacists seem a) resigned to a President Obama and b) relatively OK with that.

It's a testament of sorts to Hillary Clinton that, by virtue of her cartoonish image as a leftist man-hating shrew, she manages to arouse more vitriol among white supremacists than a black man. Meanwhile, white racists absolutely despise John McCain for his support of George W. Bush's immigration reform plan, which they view as a dire threat to America's European-based culture. "I don't think Obama will be any more negative for the United States than Hillary or John McCain," explains [David] Duke. "In fact," he added, "we probably have less preference for a European like a John McCain or a Hillary who has betrayed our interests, our heritage, our rights."

The "White Supremacists are supporting Obama" card would seem to be one of the few left unplayed by the Clinton campaign, no?

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