Knighted Tory MP: I still won’t back May’s deal

Knighted Tory MP: I still won't back May's deal
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Oh dear. Over the weekend No.10 came under much criticism after it emerged that John Hayes had been awarded an impromptu knighthood. Unkind souls were quick to suggest that the motivation for giving the long time Tory Eurosceptic the honour was less than pure. With the crunch Brexit deal vote coming up the track, Tory Brexiteers claimed this was part of a cynical attempt by Downing Street to win a vote in favour of May's deal.

Alas, it seems that were these No.10's intentions, their efforts will go unrewarded. Hayes tells the Mail on Sunday that he has no plans to vote for May's deal:

‘As I’ve made very clear before my honour, I cannot support the deal as it now stands.’

So much for the chumocracy...

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