Peter Hoskin

Labour close the gap | 17 March 2009

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This month's Ipsos-MORI figures have been released and Labour appears to have eaten a hefty chunk out of the Tory lead:

Conservatives --- 42 percent (down 6 percentage points)

Labour --- 32 percent (up 4)

Lib Dems --- 14 percent (down 3)

As Anthony Wells points out, though, the last Ipsos-MORI poll had a considerably bigger lead for the Tories than other pollsters were showing, and this puts them back in a similar range. 

Either way, I think Downing Street will be more pleased than not with this.  Throw in the YouGov poll from the weekend (which had also had a reduced gap of 10 points between the Tories and Labour), and there's some evidence of a small post-Obama bounce for Brown.  Yet, it must be said, the medium-term fundamentals remain dead set against him.

P.S. Guido highlights a striking gap between the party's leader's personal ratings: 59 percent are dissatisfied with Brown's performance as PM, while 52 percent are satisfied with Cameron's performance as Tory leader.