Peter Hoskin

Labour contra Harriet

Labour contra Harriet
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Woah.  The anti-Harman brigade have come out in force today, supplying quotes to the Sun which draw comparisons between her and the Taleban.  Here's the key passage:

"Many Labour figures agree she would be a disaster for the party's fortunes.

One senior figure told The Sun: 'If Harriet becomes leader it would be the end of the Labour Party. A number of us believe we have to take steps to stop it happening.

Harriet is only concerned with number one. She is a fundamentalist, she's like the Taliban when it comes to driving through her own agenda.'"

Now, we're no great fans of Harman here at Coffee House.  But it's still pretty surprising to see a Taleban comparison made by people who are nominally on the same side as her.  It also highlights the problem that Harman has created for Brown: her grandstanding and positioning this week were bad enough in themselves, but they could also have kickstarted a round of backbiting and counter-operations to last all summer.