Labour frontbencher: Corbyn should stop commenting on foreign policy

Labour frontbencher: Corbyn should stop commenting on foreign policy
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Against Empathy: The Case for Rational Compassion

Paul Bloom

Bodley Head, pp. 290, £

There are many figures in the Labour party who wish that Jeremy Corbyn would stay schtum on foreign policy. Whether it's his anti-West views, warm feeling towards his 'friends' Hamas or complicated relationship with Russia, when the Labour leader turns to international affairs, many of his MPs look on in despair. But up until now Mr S had thought that the shadow cabinet were at least on his side.

Perhaps not. In an interview with the House magazine, Kate Osamor - the shadow  international development secretary – suggests Corbyn should stop commenting on foreign policy and ‘just let his spokesperson speak'. Referring to Corbyn's comments this week on the situation in Gaza – in which he condemned the killing of 27 Palestinians on the Gaza border as an 'outrage' and attacked Western 'silence' – she says:

'First and foremost, he should allow the spokesperson for that department really to respond. It’s not that he shouldn't have said it [Corbyn's statement on Gaza]. But if that’s what he’s being assessed on - that’s what he’s being judged on - then he should just let his spokesperson speak because it seems that whatever he says is not good enough - it’s too strong or it’s not strong enough.

When actually, he’s the leader. So, it should be Emily or me, whoever, should be responding. And maybe that’s what he should do.'

Mr S is sure the Leader's Office will take Osamor's advice on board.