Labour MP: I think all countries should be abolished

Labour MP: I think all countries should be abolished
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'Imagine there's no countries,' John Lennon once sang. It seems that one Labour MP is taking that song literally. Paul Sweeney, who represents Glasgow North East, had this to say:

Well, Mr S. has to admire the scale of Sweeney's ambitions, but he also wonders whether this plan might not be the best way to dig Labour out of the hole it found itself in yesterday.

John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, caused trouble for his party at the Edinburgh fringe festival by saying that Labour would not block a Scottish referendum if they won power. The comments went down badly with Scottish Labour MPs. Sweeney stepped in to clarify the party's position as a 'statement of basic democracy'. He then explained that:

'...the long term goal is to build international co-dependence to such an extent that the concept of state sovereignty is ended.'

Mr S is sure this will go down well with voters...