Labour’s attack dog takes a swipe at the Guardian after Burnham snub

Labour's attack dog takes a swipe at the Guardian after Burnham snub
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Oh dear. Is the Labour leadership campaign beginning to get too much for the Burnham camp? After the Guardian announced last night that they would be endorsing Yvette Cooper, Andy Burnham's campaign manager Michael Dugher was quick to tweet a link to the Guardian's 2010 endorsement of Nick Clegg.

As this endorsement didn't work out too well for the Liberal Democrats, some users took this to be a thinly veiled dig by Dugher -- who previously worked closely with Labour spin doctor Damian McBride under Gordon Brown -- to suggest that the paper's endorsement is not worth much.

However, Labour's attack dog appeared to be keen to downplay such suggestions, hastily tweeting that he hadn't wound up the 'Liberal Democrats' in a while but it was 'deeply satisfying':

Still, while the Cooper camp may not take kindly to the tweet, Mr S suspects that the Guardian has bigger issues to contend with. After they announced that they were endorsing Cooper, many readers reacted angrily claiming they were 'Tory-lite':

Mr S suspects it's time the paper launched another in-house inquiry into whether their Corbyn coverage is biased.