Rod Liddle

Labour’s halfwits have revealed their anti-Semitic side

Labour's halfwits have revealed their anti-Semitic side
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My guess is that the people who voted for Naz Shah at the last election think she did not go anywhere near far enough in her comments about transporting Jews. Ms Shah is, somehow, still the MP for Bradford West, a seat she yanked from under the feet of someone we had all assumed had the votes of anti-Semites in the constituency sewn up. This is problem number one, for Labour. The loathing of Israel, and concomitant anti-Semitism, among its core Muslim vote is implacable.

But problem number two is that Labour’s white middle-class metro liberal halfwits, of which Jeremy Corbyn is undoubtedly a member, are also disposed towards anti-Semitism. They loathe Israel every bit as much as does Shah, as Ken Livingstone's comments this morning prove. Such a far cry from the fundamentally decent 1950s Labour Party which cheered the building of the Israeli state.

You look at this horrible idiot, Shah, and wonder how can it have come to this, in such a short space of time. Oh – and Corbyn’s statement? That Shah’s views were 'historic'? Less than two years ago, sunshine. And don’t anyone believe for a moment that she’s changed her mind.

Oh - and credit to Guido Fawkes for uncovering this story. And also for showing that this was not a one-off. She's an anti-Semite. End of, as they say down the Den.