Labour’s war with the media moves up a gear

Labour's war with the media moves up a gear
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Oh dear. It's no great secret that under Jeremy Corbyn there is little love lost between the Labour party and the mainstream media. The Labour leader and his supporters rarely miss a chance to take a jab at hacks – whether it's calling for press reforms or simply booing journalists at party events. However, the latest episode in the saga still manages to surprise.

Labour MP – and Corbyn ally – Kate Osamor did not take kindly to a Times reporter turning up her address to ask her for comment on reports that she appeared to issue false statements over her son’s conviction for drug offences. Osamor told the reporter, she 'should have come down here with a bat and smashed your face in' before concluding that he should 'f--- off'.

Osamor has since resigned from the shadow cabinet but that hasn't stopped the Grauniad's Owen Jones coming to her defence. Stay classy now...

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