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Last week’s magazine is now available across the site

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Last week’s magazine is now available across the website and can be viewed without a subscription. There is a selection of articles below to get you started. If you would like immediate access to tomorrow’s magazine and have yet to subscribe, you can do so here.

Alasdair Murray reviews the week in politics

Boris Johnson opens his diary.

Fraser Nelson reports on how a revamp of the benefits system could finally end the scourge of Britain’s mass and hidden unemployment.

Rod Liddle says that celebrity adoption has become an unsavoury game of Top Trumps.

James Delingpole asks if Daphne du Maurier was responsible for the attempt to cross the ‘bridge too far’.

Andrew Gimson says that the Tory leader is not a holy man, but he is steeped in C of E tradition and, like the Church, he relies on an innate moral compass.

Charles Moore wonders what the Tories will do if the Irish vote Yes.

Former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan tells Dominic Crossley-Holland that, on mature reflection, he doesn’t feel he should be blamed for a financial bubble blown by global economic forces.

Bevis Hillier reviews John Piper, Myfanwy Piper: Lives in Art

And, Mary Wakefield talks to Angus Jackson about directing David Hare’s latest play.