Rod Liddle

Let’s make David Lammy Labour’s next leader

Let's make David Lammy Labour's next leader
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It is a little over four years since The Spectator journalist Toby Young joined the Labour party for three quid in order to vote for Jeremy Corbyn as leader. May I be the first to suggest that we should all do the same thing now, as Jeremy will soon, sadly, be going?

We need to ensure that Labour sticks to the exciting radical platform that has so appealed to voters.

We need to choose someone devoid of even the slenderest vestiges of sentience and who the general public will quickly come to detest.

The obvious candidate is Diane Abbott, but I don’t think she’s a runner.

Rebecca Long-Bailey would be good and Richard Burgon even better.

But to really take things forward for the party and estrange the last few remaining potential Labour voters, it surely has to be Lammy.

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