Rod Liddle

Let’s start a mass campaign of disobedience

Let's start a mass campaign of disobedience
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Try to take your child to a public playground in Watford and you will be denied entry on the grounds that you may well be a kiddie-fiddler. I don’t know why you’d want to take your child to a playground in Watford, even if you live there - but that’s another issue, I suppose. Parents aren’t allowed to supervise their children in Watford playgrounds unless they have been CRB checked; instead a bunch of “play rangers” supervise the kids. Play rangers? Who’d want a job as a play ranger? They might have been checked by the police but I still suspect they’re wrong ‘uns, underneath.

It’s time to take militant action against these fucking local council idiots, although I’m not quite sure what exactly we should do. Something to shake them out of their PC narcolepsy forever, anyway. Kick them very hard in the balls, or on the shins, when they emerge from city hall on their enormous salaries would be a start. Hang around outside their homes, feverishly masturbating, perhaps. It has gone way too far, this paedophobia; and of course the children are the real losers. It stems from the old feminist adage that every man is a potential rapist and, by extension, every man is also a potential kiddie-fiddler. At least, in Watford, they employ an equal opportunities policy and women are barred as well.

Any suggestions for a mass campaign of disobedience will be welcomed here. The best suggestion wins a bottle of champagne.