Listen: Ken Livingstone comes to Naz Shah’s defence - ‘what she said wasn’t anti-Semitic’

Listen: Ken Livingstone comes to Naz Shah's defence - 'what she said wasn't anti-Semitic'
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Just when you thought things couldn't look much worse for Labour's Naz Shah, Ken Livingstone arrives on the scene. After Shah apologised several times today for sharing anti-Semitic posts on social media, she has finally been suspended.

However, not everyone appears to see what the big deal is. Popping up on LBC, Red Ken offered Iain Dale his take on the situation. The former London mayor said that he would not describe Shah's comments on social media as anti-Semitic:

KL: What she said was over the top and offensive, it wasn't anti-Semitic.

ID: Well it was anti-Semitic, everyone seems to agree that it was anti-Semitic -- even Jeremy Corbyn seems to admit that

KL: Well, I don't think it is. It's a bit of criticism of Israel and Israel supporters.'

No wonder the Leader's Office are growing tired of Livingstone's media appearances.

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