Listen: Mike Gapes caught out over Change UK funding

Listen: Mike Gapes caught out over Change UK funding
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With less than a month to go until the European elections, and with Nigel Farage's new Brexit party surging in the polls, pressure is continuing to build on Change UK – The Independent Group, whose performance has been far less impressive than its rival.

Seeking to change that, was Change UK MP Mike Gapes, who went on Iain Dale's LBC radio show to sell his party to the public. The former Labour MP started off strongly, by attacking the source of the Brexit Party's funds, saying:

'Well it'll be interesting to see the huge amounts of funding Nigel Farage has had from various dubious sources.' 

Unfortunately, it was quickly pointed out to Gapes that the Brexit Party had already revealed that it received one large donation of £200,000, but was otherwise funded by 90,000 donations of £25.

By comparison, would Change UK tell the public where it was getting its money from? Apparently not. Although Gapes suggested that all political parties need to 'be transparent about our sources of income and where we are getting it from', when asked how many donations his party had actually received, he could only reply:

'I don't know. I honestly can't tell you how many donations we've had. I know we've had lots of small donations from people and our whole campaign is being funded by the money that is donated by people who believe that we need to remain in the European Union.'

Watch here:

When Change UK was officially launched, its MPs promised 'a new way of doing politics'. Who knew that meant avoiding the question and not disclosing your financial donations?

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