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Live-blogging the Bluster at Hofstra

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So here we go again, campers. In just a few hours our long international nightmare will be over. Yup, there'll be no more Presidential debates to entertain us. John McCain and Barack Obama are even now limbering up for their final tussle. By way of a prelude, I'd recommend reading this pre-debate symposium at Culture 11, especially Dave Weigel's advice. Good stuff. The lads at the Confabulum will also, like half the known blogosphere, be live-blogging the nonsense.

Here, we're going to try something a wee bit different, using live-blog software from Coveritlive to, well, live-blog the debate. You can leave comments which I'll then put into the live-blog, vote in polls and generally have, in theory, all manner of bloggy fun and games. No need to press "refresh" either. We'll see how it works...

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