Liz Truss: ‘It’s raining men’

Liz Truss: ‘It’s raining men’
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It’s the final day of Tory party conference today, with all eyes on Boris Johnson’s speech at midday. But will all the cabinet be there to watch it, bright-eyed and bushy tailed? Judging from last night’s antics, Mr S suspects that the answer may be: no.

Work and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey was seen belting out ‘The Time of My Life’ at the legendary inHouse comms karaoke party while many of her fellow ministers attended The Spectator’s own champagne-fuelled shindig. But while Tom Tugendhat and Michael Gove twirled and spun together at Tory karaoke, it was the LGBT+ Tories closing party which raised the most eyebrows as a cabinet heavyweight worked her magic in one of Manchester’s leading gay clubs.

The star of the night was unquestionably the Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, attending in her capacity as Equalities Minister. Mr S has only a hazy recollection of events once inside the club but they seem to consist of Truss ensconced by the cream of the Australian High Commission, clasping a Smirnoff Ice and belting her heart out to such classics as ‘It’s raining men’ and ‘Don’t you want me baby.’

Truss, wearing a striking green number, stood out a mile in a sea of identikit Tory boy blue suits, with admirers queuing up to dance the night away with the recently promoted minister. One earnest young activist seemed on the verge of tears with excitement while another was later heard boasting about their tango with Truss in a bid to pull. Let’s hope the minister shows similarly deft footwork when it comes to her brief on transgender rights in the future.