Lord Ashcroft frozen out, again

Lord Ashcroft frozen out, again
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The Tories’ shadowy donor-cum-puppetmaster has been given the cold shoulder, yet again. Taking full proprietor privileges at ConservativeHome, he’s taken aim at young Dave’s departed brain, Steve Hilton. It seems that the guru has left the Lord of Belize off his Republican National Convention party guest list:

‘Apparently, the event to be seen at is to be hosted by none other than Steve Hilton. Unreliable rumour has it that he has taken for the occasion an enormous house on Tampa Bay's prestigious Harbour Island. What can he be up to? Clearly he is keeping his hand in. Unfortunately my invitation has not arrived so I can report no further for the time being.’

Mr Steerpike witnessed the Prime Minister cut the good Lord stone dead in a corridor at the Tory party conference last year, and he’s not having much luck abroad. Being a banished billionaire must be tough.