Lord Ashcroft travels to Russia to research his David Cameron biography

Lord Ashcroft travels to Russia to research his David Cameron biography
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The British government's relationship with Russia is somewhat frosty since David Cameron ordered 75 British soldiers to Ukraine earlier this year to help the country defend itself against Russia. With diplomatic relations at a low, Cameron may now have new reason for Russian woe.

Word reaches Steerpike that Cameron's unofficial biographers Lord Ashcroft and Isabel Oakeshott recently travelled to Moscow on a research trip. With Ashcroft's polling services no longer required in the UK, the pair took their quest to discover Cameron's secrets for their upcoming biography, Call me Dave, to the Duma:

Final meetings at the Duma with @LordAshcroft

— Isabel Oakeshott (@IsabelOakeshott) May 15, 2015

With Cameron already suspicious of 'the Ashcroft book', which he has refused to collaborate with the authors on, this new twist may give him fresh reason to sweat. While the exact nature of their research is unknown, Cameron's relations with Russia date back to his student days when he claims that the KGB attempted to hire him on a trip to the USSR. However, despite boasting about the story when he met the Russian president in 2011, this incident has never been verified.

Given that the Russians are notoriously secretive, Mr S suspects that the truth may elude even Ashcroft.

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