Louise Mensch adds yet another Twitter gaffe to her list

Louise Mensch adds yet another Twitter gaffe to her list
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Louise Mensch has once again become the subject of much ridicule online over something she has tweeted. The incident occurred last night after the former Tory MP claimed Jeremy Corbyn's supporters — who have recently been accused of being anti-semitic — were insulting Corbyn's Labour leadership rival Liz Kendall.

Mensch claimed that Twitter's autocomplete function showed that the most common search words to appear by Liz Kendall's name were 'Nazi', 'Zionist' and 'Jews'. To prove this Mensch even offered a photo of the 'auto searches' to demonstrate the 'sewer that is Jeremy Corbyn's support'. Alas there was a catch. As each suggestion appeared next to an 'x', this means that the words were her own search history rather than the work of an evil Corbynista.

A point which many users swiftly pointed out:

With many quick to criticise her for the slip, Mr S couldn't resist a trip down memory lane to relive Mensch's most memorable social media gaffes:

2. Last year she suggested that Theodor Herzl — the father of modern Zionism and author of The Jewish State — was an anti-Semite, who she would block from her timeline.

3. In January after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, Mensch tweeted that Charlie Hebdo was a person. Charlie Hebdo is the name of the magazine the victims worked for.

4. Earlier this summer Mensch accused the Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens of being the author of this very blog. Mr S can confirm that this allegation is false.

5. Mensch then resumed her feud with Peter Hitchens earlier this month over an item in Private Eye raising questions about an interview the author had conducted with the head of an Islamist group. Only there was yet again a problem; Mensch had misread the piece and it was actually about the journalist Peter Oborne, not Hitchens. #Fail

Mr S suspects it's time Mensch put down the phone, stepped away from the laptop and took an indefinite break from Twitter altogether.