Lynton Crosby offers Nigel Farage some career advice

Lynton Crosby offers Nigel Farage some career advice
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In an interview with Sky News Australia, David Cameron's former election strategist Lynton Crosby has today offered his thoughts on the Prime Minister's rivals. Unsurprisingly, his conclusions are hardly flattering.

However, the man who has taken the brunt of Crosby's ire is Nigel Farage. Crosby claims that Ukip does not have 'a long-term future'. Furthermore, instead of trying to win a Westminster seat again, Farage would be better advised to look for chat show work in Australia:

'They are very reliant on the performance of their leader Nigel Farage and even he couldn't win a seat. Sixth or seventh time he's tried to win a Westminster seat. I think he might be better coming to Australia and doing talkback radio than trying to run another seat in the UK.'

Crosby also has doubts over the longevity of the SNP, though admits the party still has some life in it yet:

'The SNP will do well for a period … They are going to be around for quite a long time yet but I think the risk is expectations of delivery versus what they can actually deliver.'

No word on what the Aussie -- who describes Ed Miliband as a 'weak man' -- makes of Jeremy Corbyn, though Mr S can hesitate a guess that it won't be positive.