Has Martha Hancock turned on the Tories?

Has Martha Hancock turned on the Tories?
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After what her husband put her through, it's no surprise that Martha Hancock might not be the biggest fan of Boris Johnson's government. The soon-to-be ex-wife of the disgraced former health secretary had to suffer days of snooping snappers and sensationalist speculation in June after news of her husband's affair broke. 

The ordeal wasn't exactly helped by Johnson's initial refusal to sack Hancock as a minister, prolonging the misery for all as the PM tried to stand by his man. And now Mrs H has perhaps hinted at her true feelings about the embattled Tory leader, if her recent Twitter activity is anything to go by. 

For an eagle-eyed observer has pointed out to Mr S that the last tweet 'liked' by the osteopath was a rant by actor Stephen Mangan, responding to news of cabinet secretary Simon Case becoming embroiled in 'partygate' last month. It read:

 These absolute car crash fucksters - are they having a bet on who can be the most inept? Are there no grown ups left in the Tory party? The party investigator hosted his own party?! Who will they get to replace him - Charlie Sheen?

Still, at least Martha isn't alone in turning on the Tories. LBC reporters have noted that Defence Secretary Ben Wallace yesterday 'liked' a clip by Remainer James O'Brien ripping into, er, Wallace's cabinet colleague Sajid Javid over the 'bonkers' testing shortages. After LBC political editor Theo Usherwood brought this O'Brien's 'new fan' to wider public attention, the like was quickly removed thereafter.

Always worth remembering what one former Tory premier said about the perils of too much Twitter...

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