Martin Bright

Message to the Tories: Grow Up About the New Labour Era

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I have been deeply disappointed by Tory negative campaigning in the past few days. The Cameroon coup was inspired, in part, by Tony Blair, so to decry 13 years of New Labour is deeply hypocritical. The message, pioneered by Oliver Letwin, was that praise would be given where it was due. Britain has become a better place since 1997 and that is true for readers of the The Spectator as much as (and perhaps more than) anyone else.

At the same time, Brown's leadership of the country and his party has been woeful. The Labour Party has only itself to blame for this. It should have put up a candidate against Gordon Brown in 2007 and it should have removed him a year later. 

This blog is here to give you an insight into thinking on the left. Anyone with an open mind should read Johann Hari and David Aaronovitch in The Times. 

As it happens I do not subscribe to their arguments. I am not a sentimental Labour voter and tribalism has a dangerous tendency to lead to authoritarianism. 

I am about to leave for the polling station and I am still undecided. 

I have visceral disagreements with the left, but there is a part of me that still believes I should have those arguments within the Labour Party.