Martin Bright

Michal Kaminski: Cameron’s Ultra-Right Europhile

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The Jewish Chronicle this week landed an exclusive interview with Michal Kaminski, the Tory Party's controversial new Polish friend in the European parliament. He answered some pretty tough questions on his past pronouncements and offered a rebuttal of claims that he is an antisemite.

I wasn't entirely convinced by some of his answers but I suggest any Tories who still haven't made up their minds about this curious alliance read the whole interview before they decide definitively on the matter. They may be baffled to read that in his eagerness to appease the Eurosceptics David Cameron has cosied up to a man who argued strongly for the Lisbon Treaty within his own party: "I was on the side of those who were in favour of the Lisbon Treaty. It is well known in Poland. It is not a secret," he told me. 

Meanwhile, reporters continue to chip away at Kaminski's account of himself. None more so than Toby Helm at the Observer, whose latest blog suggests that the Tories are getting nervous about Kaminski. My own analysis is that David Cameron undermines his own claims to be a progressive politician when he yokes himself to an ultra-right Catholic Nationalist like this. 

The jury is still out on Mr Kaminski. David Cameron would do well to read the answers his new ally gave to the JC before making final judgement on his new best friend in Europe.