Peter Hoskin

More fuel for the fire of leadership speculation

More fuel for the fire of leadership speculation
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So the Daily Mail has another anti-Brown plot rumour for the collection; this one based around the idea that a "Gordon must go" candidate could run for a seat on the PLP's Parliamentary Committee:

"Rebels are planning to put up a candidate for the Parliamentary Committee, a panel of senior backbenchers which meets once a week with the Prime Minister, when MPs return to Westminster next month.

The 'coup candidate' will run on a single platform - a call for Mr Brown to stand aside and let someone else lead Labour into the General Election...

...MPs will then be able to vote in secret for Mr Brown to stand down, without needing to go public with their views.

Mr Brown's critics believe if the 'coup candidate' is elected or even if he gets 100 plus votes from Labour members --half of all backbenchers - it would make the Prime Minister's position untenable."

Alex Smith gets it right over at LabourList: there's plenty to be sceptical about with this, especially in view of how the PLP keeled over when it had a chance to take on Brown in June.  But the fact remains that the continual grinding of the rumour mill is damaging for Brown, and it gives any plotters even more reason to operate against him.  It's hard to imagine how Brown's goverment can claw back any lost ground in the face of so many negative stories.