Rod Liddle

More hypocrisy from Prescott

More hypocrisy from Prescott
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Swathed in ermine, carried into the Chilcott Inquiry on a giant litter borne aloft by naked research assistants, and chewing a Lion Bar, Lord Prescott told the world he’d always been a bit, uh, nervous about the invasion of Iraq. Nice of you to share that with us now, John, many thanks. And also the fact that you were “surprised” at how “insubstantial” some of the reports on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction really were. That would have been nice to know at the time, too. The insinuation is that he was against the war but stood by his leader out of loyalty. I’m sure the Iraqis and the dead British soldiers are appreciative of that loyalty, your lordship. And also appreciative of what must be the understatement of the decade: “The conclusions (654,965 deaths, according to The Lancet) were a little ahead, I think, of the evidence we had (none).” The stuff in brackets are my comments, not his, by the way.

Were any current high ranking members of the Labour Party actually fully in favour of the war at the time?