Peter Hoskin

More trouble for Ken

More trouble for Ken
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Over the past few months, the Evening Standard has been a particularly sharp thorn in Ken's side.  And tonight they reveal that the current Mayor has mislead the public over donations.  Here's the Standard's scoop:

"The Mayor received ... £30,000 knowing it was from multi-millionaire Sharad Patel who wants to build a £120 million theme park and leisure complex in north-west London, then claimed he knew nothing of who his donors were.

He saw the cheque, from Mr Patel's wife made out to the Labour Party, and agreed to meet him for dinner, once his 2004 election campaign was over.

The revelation means the Mayor misled the public when he repeatedly denied he was aware of who had donated money to him in 2004."

"Ok", you might say, "but this happened back in 2004 - why should it matter now?".  The problem is that Ken's still peddling the "I don't know who my donors are" line this time around - it even made an appearance during yesterday's Newsnight debate.  He uses it to suggest he's far-removed from any kind of special interest.  Now voters have even less cause to believe him.