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Mrs Hanrahan’s sauce: a delicious way to a happy Christmas

Mrs Hanrahan's sauce: a delicious way to a happy Christmas
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The prospects for peace on earth to men of goodwill - the original Christmas present — look a little slim right now, so by way of compensation, here's a perfectly fabulous recipe for something to go with your Christmas pudding. It's Mrs Hanrahan's Sauce from Darina Allen's A Simply Delicious Christmas. And frankly, it's so good, the pudding becomes merely a vehicle for the sauce. Here, and wishing you a happy Christmas, it is:

225g/8 oz. Barbados sugar (soft, dark, moist)

70ml/2 1/2 fl oz. port

70 ml/2 1/2 fl oz. medium sherry

1.3 litres/2 1/4 pts cream, lightly whipped

110g/4 oz. butter

1 egg

Melt the butter, stir in the sugar and allow it to cool slightly. Whisk the egg and add it to the butter and sugar with the sherry and port. Refrigerate. When needed, heat and add cream to taste. (You don't need to make up the full amount: there's a lot of cream here. I simply use as much base as I need and add cream as needed. And the base keeps well in the fridge.)


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