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Murdered Christians are 2016’s least fashionable minority

Murdered Christians are 2016's least fashionable minority
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The murderers and persecutors of Christians have had a good year. With one exception – the killing of Fr Jacques Hamel in July as he celebrated Mass in a church in Normandy – the world has continued to look away as Islamists and other fanatics have slaughtered followers of Jesus Christ.

I don't mean that we consciously look away – we simply don't know about most of these atrocities. There are no celebs out there 'raising awareness'; they're too busy weeping over Brexit and Trump. In one attack last June, 460 Christians died. Can you tell me where it happened? I couldn't have, until yesterday, when I did a Google search in preparation for today's Holy Smoke podcast.

Douglas Murray, who certainly could have told you about the attack, is my guest on the podcast along with Freddy Gray. We don't just talk about the murder of believers: we discuss the sadistic treatment of Christians by our 'ally', Saudi Arabia, and our new best friend, China.

And, of course, there's no avoiding the subject of Vladimir Putin, who has donned the mantle of defender of Christian civilisation in the Middle East. That's hypocritical, to say the least – but, let's face it, no one else wants to wear it. Least of all the British Foreign Office.

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