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NBC continues its mission to destroy its best show

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Great. Not content with introducing one ridiculous, potentially series-killing storyline (the whole Landry killing a man and dumping the body in the river thing, you know) Friday Night Lights decides it needs a second: hence this evening's nonsense about Street seeking a miracle cure in Mexico so he may walk again*. This is schlock. And bad, tedious schlock at that made worse by the fact there are compelling storylines all over Dillon as the football team falls apart, as the Taylor family disintegrates, as Saracen ties to make sense of his life etc etc. Heck, even the Landry-Tyra relationship is fun and sweet and touching and great to watch - or would be if the writers and producers hadn't decided to make them criminals to get them together (an unnecessary and cheap piece of manipulation to boot).

I'm guessing the next absurd, over-the-top storyline is: watch Saracen get it on with the Guatemalan carer looking after his dementia-stricken grandmother.

*Apart from this there was lots to like in this episode. No coincidence that it had more about football than the previous two. Everything runs off the football: establish that and, so to speak, you can open up the playbook to bring in other characters and storylines.

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