Rod Liddle

Never trust a traitor

Never trust a traitor
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You can’t trust traitors, any of them. And some of us have long memories. Mike Hancock was once a Labour MP but defected, along with a bunch of other opportunistic monkeys, to the SDP. He is now a Liberal Democrat.

It is Mike who hired a young, leggy, blonde Russian babe as a parliamentary researcher, a woman who has subsequently been given notice to get the hell out of the country as a consequence of her involvement with the Russian secret service. Mike’s had quite a lot of young blonde leggy Russian babes working for him, according to a European colleague of his. You wonder if maybe he gets them direct from an agency in Moscow: “Soulmates! – providing attractive help and companionship for lonely British politicians since 1922. Apply to PO Box 101, Beria Mansions, Lubyanka Street, Moscow.”

He’s also asked lots of questions in parliament about plutonium shipments and other interesting nuclear issues. Most of these were not answered for security reasons. Shouldn’t he resign?