Martin Bright

Never Underestimate the Lib Dems

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I know we are not supposed to take ComRes polls too seriously but there's one aspect of the Independent on Sunday poll at the weekend that I really rings true.

It may not quite be the case that Lib Dem support is up by seven percentage points and Labour down by seven. But I am convinced that the Lib Dems are not being squeezed in quite the way we are led to believe. The perspective of the Westminster bubble is particularly cruel on Nick Clegg's merry band. Anyone who has seen the orangey-yellow machine in full flight in local or national elections will know it is a force to be reckoned with.

Clegg himself may be unfortunate to have the most popular politician in Britain as his deputy. But this could yet be his greatest asset if the British public can be persuaded to associate Vince Cable with his party rather than regard him as some sort of soothsaying solo operator. The Sindy's poll sugests it could be happening already.