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NHS advice for Cameron...

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He wrote this nearly a month ago but it's still pertinent. So, in a bid to encourage my old friend Neill Harvey-Smith to post more frequently, take a gander at his (excellent) advice to David Cameron and the Tories:

The message coming from the Tories has been that Brown's pre-Queen's speech was "nothing new", that "he is implicated in the failures of the last decade", that "the only way to change the country is to vote Conservative". Saying this is madness.

He put new restrictions on the Academy programme, praised by the NUT. This is a lurch to the left. He signalled a halt to super-casinos, restricting free enterprise. This is a lurch to the left. He sent ministers across the world to criticise, in well briefed code, American foreign policy. This is a lurch to the left. He wants to allow real-time surveillance by the police of the public using congestion charge cameras. This is a lurch to the left. Gordon Brown is an authoritarian power-grabber, not a strong leader.

David Cameron isn't telling this story. And so Gordon Brown is running ahead in the polls, the face of continuity and the man of substance. What a joke. And what a big mistake.

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