Nigel Farage causes problems for Alison Jackson ahead of leaders’ debate

Nigel Farage causes problems for Alison Jackson ahead of leaders' debate
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Tonight's leaders' debate will see the seven party leaders battle to be heard on ITV. The set up has given organisers a headache as they work out how to arrange it without the debate descending into chaos.

For Alison Jackson who is going to shoot a lookalike version in its aftermath, she has another issue to contend with. The English artist, who is known for her lookalike photographs of celebrities, is in the process of assembling a team of political doppelgangers.

While David Cameron and Nick Clegg have been located, there are still a few more to be found, including Nicola Sturgeon. However, the man causing her the biggest problem is Nigel Farage.

'I am still looking for a Farage. It is very difficult as his face is so unique,' Jackson told Mr S at Spectator Life's third birthday party. In a bid to find one, Jackson is organising a Farage boot camp in the Ukip leader's usual habitat. 'I am assembling all my Farages in a pub and teaching them about Nigel's eccentricities. It should be fun.'

With the demand for Farage lookalikes at a high – Mr S reported last month that the Susan Scott agency are also desperately searching for one – Farage has a lucrative career back up plan should he fail to win his South Thanet seat come May.