Luke McShane

No. 635

No. 635
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Mastrovasilis–Marechal, Cappelle la Grande 2011. Black is a whole rook up, so his last move 34… Nd5-e7, angling for an exchange of knights, looks plausible. Which move did White play to expose a hidden flaw? Answers should be emailed to by Monday 11 January. There is a prize of £20 for the first correct answer out of a hat. Please include a postal address.

Last week’s solution 1 Be5! Bh1 2 Bxg3 and 3 Bd6, 4 Bf8, 5 Bg7 mate. Not 1 Bb2? Bh1! 2 Ba3 g2! 3 Bf8 and Black is in stalemate.

Last week’s winner Chris Seeger, Great Missenden, Bucks