Peter Hoskin

Now, this is getting silly

Now, this is getting silly
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Labour's Obama-centricity has certainly been grating recently - the hoo-haa surrounding Brown's trip to the States, for instance, and the name-dropping he's engaged in since. But now it's been cranked up to 11, and is all the more disspiriting for it. 

Exhibit A: the party's G20 micro-site, which Dizzy highlighted yesterday.  It features a picture of Brown and Obama, and calls for users to submit statments to "Prime Minster Brown, President Obama and the G20".  Somehow, I doubt other G20 leaders will be amused at Obama's elevation from the pack. 

And, now, Exhibit B: a Labour party leaflet emblazoned with the words "Yes. I want to make a difference" and, again, featuring a picture of the US President.  Iain Martin has details, and a scan of it.

Frankly, it's pretty shameless, desperate stuff.