NYT’s rare praise for Brexit Britain

NYT's rare praise for Brexit Britain
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Hold on to your hats. In recent years, the New York Times has rarely if ever missed an opportunity to bash Brexit Britain. Whether it's spreading false claims over 'mix and match vaccines', identifying Britons as mutton-munchers or simply linking the UK's decision to leave the EU with bad Covid etiquette

So Mr S must admit he nearly choked on his cornflakes on seeing the latest front page of America's self-styled paper of record. Not only was the subject the UK, but the report was a positive one – with the headline: 'In vaccines, UK has a pandemic win at last'. 

While the report still managed to find apparent downsides to a fast vaccination programme (supply concerns and anxiety at the decision to delay the period between the first and second does), the praise is what stood out to Mr S. The paper points to 'ambitious early planning' and the fact that the UK's pace is the fastest of any large nation in the world.

When even the NYT is singing Brexit Britain's praises, something must be going very right indeed...