David Blackburn

Oh no, the Tories are consulting Lord Stern

Oh no, the Tories are consulting Lord Stern
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According to Laura Kuenssberg, Lord Stern is not an official advisor but confirms that he is consulting with the Tories on their climate change policy. As Iain Martin notes, what bizarre timing. The UEA and IPCC scandals simmer and Ed Miliband recently declared war on reason – which has almost certainly reduced James Delingpole to tears of fear.

Even more extraordinary, The Sunday Telegraph reported that findings in the Stern report, which defined climate change policy, were “severely edited” before publication.

‘But it can be revealed that when the report was printed by Cambridge University Press in January 2007, some of these predictions had been watered down because the scientific evidence on which they were based could not be verified.’

Among other corrections, terrifying but imaginative predictions about the extinction of Australian eucalyptus were deleted, lest ‘warmists’ alienate the essential oils brigade.

C.P Scott is turning in grave because neither side of the debate hold facts as sacred, but as most of them have been made up that scarcely matters. It is worrying that the Tory leadership seem to be blindly subscribing to the climate change agenda.