Rod Liddle

One crumb of comfort for Gordon

One crumb of comfort for Gordon
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One small piece of cheer for Gordon Brown as he heads towards annihilation is that he no longer has the support of The Guardian. That leaves it slightly easier for others of us to vote Labour. The Guardian has never been a party of the left, but instead one of the metro liberal faux left. It was, for a while, utterly besotted with the SDP – possibly the most high-born party to have contested an election in Britain since the Marquess of Rockingham in 1782. In a sense, Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger is being wholly consistent, in supporting whichever public schoolboy standing for PM has the cutest smile.

Otherwise, if you are a Labour supporter, this has been a singularly depressing week or so. Although having said that, I bumped into David Miliband at the end of last week and he seemed terribly chipper, beaming from ear to ear. I suppose there is at least a five per cent chance that after this election the Labour Party might decide its time to pay a bit of attention to its former core voters.