One member of Team Gove is a Theresa May fan

One member of Team Gove is a Theresa May fan
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Sarah Vine is famed for using her column in the Daily Mail to share embarrassing personal anecdotes about Michael Gove (often involving his underpants) and to offer deeply unhelpful advice to the Tory government. Today’s article is a case in point; it says that David Cameron's women problem is 'the biggest hurdle the Tories face'. The wife of the Education Secretary adds: 'as my husband is fond of saying, "Happy wife, happy life". And Mrs Electorate isn’t happy.'

And Vine laid it on thick for Theresa May; suggesting that the Home Secretary 'looks more and more like the true heir to Margaret Thatcher.... whose tractor beam glare makes Anna Wintour’s seem positively Bambi-esque'. High praise indeed, but all the more so because Ms May is Mr Gove’s foremost Tory rival (at least in parliament...): the rows between the two at Cabinet have made it into the papers. Mr Steerpike wonders if 'him indoors' agrees that Theresa May is the 'true heir' to Maggie?

Vine also reports that some Tories describe Ms. May's special advisor Fiona Cunningham as 'brilliant but completely terrifying'. Team Gove has been on the sharp end of that particular brand of brilliance. One wonders which 'colleague' known to Vine dreamt up that quote.