David Blackburn

Out of Control Orders

Out of Control Orders
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The government’s developing a tension headache over Control Orders, and there have been two noteworthy interventions. First, Theresa May lambasted Ken Macdonald. The former Director of Public Prosecutions, who is a now a Lib Dem peer overseeing an independent inquiry into counter-terror legislation, has made clear that he ‘will go ballistic’ if the Home Office retains Control Orders, which it is expected to recommend, in line with the advice of another Lib Dem peer, Lord Carlile.

Second, David Davis has described Control Orders as ‘Kafka-esque’, the term used by Chris Huhne on the Politics Show yesterday, and has also said that he will vote against the government if Control Orders are to be maintained. Patrick Mercer added his dissenting voice to the rebels' cause that control orders are illiberal and ineffective.

Internal Cabinet fractions aside, the government is heading for a blazing set-to with two phalanxes of pincering backbenchers, led by the impeccable Davis from the right and the impeccable Ming Campbell from the left. As James noted yesterday, you wouldn’t bet against abolition in this market.