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Parental guidance for Rod ‘Seacole’ Liddle’s blog

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I just wondered if, henceforth, there should be a parental advisory label at the top of this blog, so that incredibly angry and maybe homicidal Welsh people whose names are almost devoid of vowels can follow it only if they have their parents with them to help. Or better, maybe, I could underscore stuff which is not necessarily meant as a literal truth but is just satire, or irony, or taking the mickey, or a joke, or a confection. Like the people who believed I’d actually killed a cat because I said I’d hanged it from a gibbet in the garden while a bunch of woodmice cheered from a seat, some of them knitting. That didn’t actually happen, odd to say - it was a joke, cat-lovers.

Or I could just strip the jokes out entirely, anything which could possibly offend anyone anywhere, gone. Hell, maybe if I did that I could be the new Will Hutton, if I buggered about with the grammar too. Have to say, having read the responses below, I’m with Mr Ossitt and Forest Fan. Good to have the responses though from the Welsh newcomers to this site who DID bother to read the original blog and responses rather than responded in a state of psychotic fury to something someone had told them about somewhere else. Stick with us, nos da.