Fraser Nelson

Paterson pasted across the front pages

Paterson pasted across the front pages
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James Forsyth's interview with Owen Paterson is on virtually every front page this morning, and deservedly. Boris, bless him, can make calculated explosions at times when it suits him. But Paterson is not one for pyrotechnics or mischief. His thoughtful interview with James shows how believes that the eurozone is about to become ‘another country’ — he used the phrase several times — and one that can dictate regulations on the rest of Europe due to Qualified Majority Voting.

James is posting a longer version of this interview later today, and I'd urge CoffeeHousers to read it. His Euroscepticism is rooted in his business background and the urgency he feels for economic reform. His interview is the most accurate, measured and fullest exposition of the Eurosceptic position I have seen. What jumps out at me most was when James brought up the phrase ‘banging on about Europe’ — and Paterson very clearly and persuasively said that this is ‘not about Europe but our daily government.’ Cameron is again about to learn how deep feelings run.