James Forsyth

People power can save the Union

People power can save the Union
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If Scotland does vote for separation—as the latest YouGov poll suggests it will, we’ll enter the most unpredictable political period in living memory.

But before we start contemplating the consequences of a Yes vote, it is worth thinking about what is giving independence momentum in Scotland. It is not just being driven by nationalist fervour but by the same anti-politics sentiment that is riling politics right across the United Kingdom. Voters who are fed up with Westminster and disappointed by politics are seeing voting Yes as a chance to rip up the whole system and start again. Breaking up the United Kingdom is, perhaps, the ultimate expression of anti-politics.

This kind of voters isn’t going to be persuaded by politicians or by the corporate bosses who we hear will be coming out against independence in the coming days. After all, they regard these people as part of the problem, not the solution. But they might be by their fellow Britons. If they understand that this frustration with Westminster isn’t unique to them and Scotland, they’ll be more likely to vote No

Given the closeness of the polls in Scotland, I suspect that the result might be determined by how clearly the Scots hear the rest of the UK saying ‘please, stay’. So, if you believe in this country and want to save it, pick up the phone and call your Scottish friends and family and urge them not to leave us.

Spectator appeal: Write a short letter, of no more than 250 words, addressed to a Scottish voter telling them what you’d like for them to save Britain, and stay part of a united country. We’ll publish the best. Find out more here.