Piers Corbyn: My brother Jeremy’s green policy is ‘nonsense’

Piers Corbyn: My brother Jeremy's green policy is 'nonsense'
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Vote Corbyn, says Corbyn. That is the unsurprising message from the Labour leader's brother Piers in a video filmed at Speakers' Corner in London. But while Piers backed his sibling over accusations of anti-Semitism and Labour's position on Brexit, it wasn't an entirely ringing endorsement.

Piers Corbyn, who has previously said 'man-made climate change does not exist', was asked about Corbyn's green manifesto pledges. It's safe to say he is not a fan:

'He wants to end carbon dioxide emissions.'

Piers Corbyn: 'Yeah, well, that's nonsense. That's impossible.'

'Well, that's what your brother says, why are you supporting him then?'

Oh dear. Mr S expects it could be a bit awkward at the Corbyn household this Christmas...

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