Pippa Middleton’s party poopers

Pippa Middleton’s party poopers
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Diners at Mayfair’s overpriced and underwhelming Japanese restaurant Hakkasan had something to distract them from their lobster ‘wrapped in glass vermicelli with Gu Yue Long Shan rice wine' this weekend, as party planner extraordinaire and world renowned author Pippa Middleton dropped in.

Witnesses, who sound dangerously like PR professionals, tell the Mirror that Pippa and the slightly cleverer brother of Channel Four’s Made in Chelsea star Spencer were ‘openly flirting with one another':

‘Pippa and James sat in a secluded booth in the upstairs area, where it was quieter, sharing a bottle of white wine. They were deep in conversation and only had eyes for each other. Pippa was all smiles and kept ­giggling. They stayed for nearly three hours and didn’t seem to want the meal to end.’

This was the exact opposite feeling that Mr Steerpike had when reading Pippa’s new party planning manual, of which I wrote last month.

Others have discovered the fun of deriding this truly terrible read. Some wag has set up a fake Pippa’s Party Tips Twitter account, offering nuggets of advice like: ‘a great way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon is to buy all the ingredients for a roast from a shop then cook them and eat them’. It’s hard to tell where reality ends and mick-taking begins. Don’t give up the day job Pip….oh, wait.

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