Plumber trolled for defending Boris’s lockdown plan

Plumber trolled for defending Boris's lockdown plan
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Remember the no-nonsense plumber who criticised those who claimed to be baffled by Boris Johnson's lockdown announcement? Ryan Price defended the Prime Minister, telling Channel 4 'It's not really hard to understand' when asked to comment on the next steps in the lockdown plan. Price – who has been giving free call-outs to NHS workers – was hailed a hero by some, but it seems not everyone was best pleased with Price's remarks. He told LBC this morning:

'I didn't sleep for a couple of days, couldn't eat...anxiety because of the messages and things like that, and I've never had anxiety before. I wasn't making a political view...people just need to stop moaning. We live in the best country in the world.'

Price went on to say some of his critics were labelling him a 'right-wing Brexit voter'. Nothing wrong with that, thinks Mr S. But the handyman had a message for his those assuming how he voted in the referendum:

'I actually voted remain but I didn't moan about the result. I accepted the result'.

Wise words...

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