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Podcast: naked selfies, happy Tories and divorced Catholics

Podcast: naked selfies, happy Tories and divorced Catholics
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Why is everyone obsessed with taking naked photos of themselves? From celebrities to politicians, people can’t seem to stop taking explicit ‘selfies’. It’s the ultimate expression of our increasingly puerile and narcissistic society, says Rod Liddle in this week’s issue. Rod joins Freddy Gray on this week’s podcast, along with Maria Miller MP, the former culture secretary, who is currently campaigning for a change in the law to make revenge porn illegal.

From sex to politics. The Tory party conference finished yesterday, and James Forsyth, our political editor, and Isabel Hardman, our assistant editor, join the podcast from Birmingham. They take a look at the highs and lows of the conference season. Are Ukip an insurmountable obstacle to Tory victory? If so, why do the Tories seem so happy?

And finally, the Catholic Church. In this week’s issue, Louise Mensch discusses her life as a divorced Catholic. She doesn’t attend communion, and doesn’t think it’s right that she should be able to. The Synod of Catholic bishops will meet next week to discuss whether to liberalise the Church’s teaching on divorced Catholics. Will it, as Louise argues, topple 'the jenga tower' of Catholic doctrine or will it make the Church more inclusive? Cristina Odone, from the Legatum Instiute, and Luke Coppen, editor of the Catholic Herald, join the podcast to discuss.

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