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For some reason, MPs have been struck by the poetry bug recently.  First there was the anonymously-penned verse attacking the Prime Minister.  And now Theresa May's got in on the act, reading out her poem on Brown's staffing problems in the Commons today.  Here it is:

"At Downing Street the other day, I met a man sent on his way.

Close to Gordon for many years, the PM's rants brought him to tears.

But for all this he didn't care. He was pleased to see his minister there.

He'd been important once, you know. Now Carter told him: 'You must go.'"

I doubt she'll be winning the T.S. Eliot prize any time soon.  Can CoffeeHousers do better? 

UPDATE: Thinking about it, this is a set-up for a competition if ever there was one.  Just post your political poems in the comments section below and we'll pick out the best one early next week. The winning poet will get a Coffee House t-shirt...